Lighting Hire

Lighting Consoles

Grand MA3 Light


Control for up to 250,000 per session, 6 DMX outputs 15 backlit motorised faders, 3 Ethernet ports 

Avolites Tiger Touch 2


10 main playback faders with 60 pages and a further 10 preset faders, 15.6" touch screen, and 4 physical DMX Outputs

Avolites Quartz


16 Universes of DMX from the console with 10 precision playback faders and 12.1" angled touch screen with brightness control

Moving Heads

Robe 150 Beam

Robe LED Beam 150.jpg

Claypaky Mythos 2

Martin MAC Viper Profile

The best things come in small packages, now with zoom included. LEDBeam 150 is the answer with fast sweeping beams and a wide far-reaching quality wash in compact housing. 3.8° to 60° zoom range powered with 7 x 40w RGBW multichips


26000 Lumens fixture with CMY Colour mixing, CTO colour temperature control 2 Interchangeable Gobo wheels, 4-facet rotating prism, Frost filter, motorised zoom 

Clay Paky Scenius Unico

Full CMY colour mixing and  gradually fading colour wheels, 2 CTO filters ( 3200 K and 2500 K ) and 1 CBT. 2 wheels containing 6 rotating gobos and a static wheel with18.


120000 Lumens with CMY system and linear CTO, 5° to 55° linear zoom with 6 rotating gobos and a graphic animation wheel, with a framing system 

Claypaky Alpha 700 HPE


700w Discharge lamp, CMY colour mixing colour wheel and CTO, 14.7° - 35° zoom 15 gobos and 1 rotating prism

Robe 250AT Wash

250w CMY colour mixing 1 colour wheel with 6 replaceable colours, frost filter and a motorized zoom 8° - 32°

Robe Pointe


280W short arc discharge lamp,  with 13 colours + White, 9 rotating gobos, 14 static gobos, 2.5° - 10° beam application, 5° - 20° Spot application, 2 prisms 8 facet circular and a  6 facet linear 

Robe 250AT Spot

250w spot fixture with 10 piece colour wheel  7 piece, rotating gobo wheel, interchangeable 3 facet rotating prism or optional frost filter, 15° standard optical system

Generic LED

ETC ColorSource Par

ETC ColorSource Profile

8 RGB-L Chips, PowerCON in and thru and DMX in and thru via 5pin and very low fan noise

ETC ColorSource Spot.png

RGB-L array, with poweCON in and thru and 5pin DMX in and thru, adaptable lenses, 15-bit virtual dimming engine and Quiet fan cooling

ETC S4 Lustr 2


7 colour system using Red, Amber, Lime, Green, Cyan, Blue and Indigo. PowerCON in and thru and 5pin DMX

Generic Fixtures

ETC Scource 4


ETC Source 4 Zoom

750w Tungsten lamp, No other light offers such optical brilliance. Source Four's revolutionary technology gives you a clean white beam for unequaled imaging, crisp pattern projection, and a bright, even field. Available with 10°, 19°,26°,36° and  50°


750w Tungsten Lamp, Maximum brightness, maximum field-angle flexibility. With Source Four Zoom you only need one fixture for a variety of field angles.

available in 15° - 30° and  25° - 50°

Battery Uplighters

Prolights SMARTBAT


4x8w RGBW LED uplighter which can be used stand alone with an IR remote, they can be run on DMX with a wireless transmitter, giving you control via lighting console or mobile app

Chauvet WELLFit (Black & Crome) 


4x10w RGBA LED Uplighter IP65 rated with a beam angle of 11°, controllable with W-DMX, IR remote or OLED display on the fixture 


ADJ VF1600

1500w DMX fog machine. 20,000 cubic ft. per minute with a 2.3L tank 

Unique 2.1 Hazer

Unique 2.1 Hazer.jpeg

1500w DMX Haze machine. 2L Tank